Free Counselling for NHS and Healthcare Workers

In the UK we are living through unprecedented times. Many of us are restricted to our homes while a brave army of workers risk their health to keep our country running with food in the shops and basic services operating. At the forefront of this monumental effort are our healthcare workers.

In response to the current crisis I have decided to offer a limited number of FREE online or phone sessions for those working in the NHS and healthcare sector in Southend for the duration of the crisis. You guys are doing a fantastic job every day of the week and I would like to offer something to express gratitude for this and to support you as best I can.

Counselling can provide a lifeline to help people through difficult and distressing times.

The Small Print

I’m not setting any hard and fast rules for this.

Initially I’m planning to set aside the equivalent of up to one day a week for this purpose, which means I can offer this to about eight people per week. I’m not asking for a fee but, if you’re able to afford it, may I ask you to consider donating the equivalent of one hour of your pay (after tax) to Harp’s Emergency Appeal to help out our homeless during the this crisis?

To start with I’m proposing a maximum of four, weekly sessions, for those I’m able to help. Of course some people may just need one or two sessions to ‘get things off their chest’ while others may need more.

Everything else will work in usual way; you will get the same highly professional and confidential service that I always offer. If you think I may be able to help you then please fill in the Contact Form or call me on 07778 798882.

Stay safe everyone.